Community Engagement Summer Internship Overview: Newark City Hall

Each year, New Jersey SEEDS partners with local nonprofit organizations to provide internships for SEEDS scholar alumni. This summer, 21 graduates participated in the Community Engagement Internship Program, obtaining valuable work experiences at 13 organizations. This is the first of two posts from Community Engagement participants discussing their summers. 

Bujana Mulosmani (Scholars ’13, Hackley School ’17)

Newark City Hall 1This summer, I spent my time interning at Newark City Hall through NJ SEEDS’ Community Engagement Internship Program.

At first, I had no idea what to expect working at City Hall. I assumed it would consist of answering numerous phone calls and other similar tasks, considering that I am only a high school student and do not have any type of degree or much experience in other jobs. I also thought my bosses would distance themselves from interns. As I began to work at City Hall, I realized neither of these things were true.

Once I started my internship, I found out that I had two bosses and I would be working closely with one, Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson first taught me the process of greeting callers over the phone, by saying: “Good morning, this is the Law Department. My name is Bujana, how may I help you today?”

The next day, I learned something else, and more and more each day. As the time passed, I learned how to scan paperwork, how to copy documents, create lists, make labels and also deliver paperwork, which are helpful office skills that not many students my age may know.

The use of the Newark CityLaw challenged me the most. I had to find the CityLaw Newark City Hall 2numbers of different files in the program’s directories dating back years.

On Fridays, I would work at the Prosecutor’s Office. This entailed going into the Municipal Court and actually helping the prosecutor with his/her tasks. I took notes on rescheduled trial dates and observed how judges in different courtrooms dealt with varying crimes people commit. My favorite memory was definitely when I was writing down the rescheduled dates on the folders for each case, but I had a hard time hearing, so the lawyer asked if I would like to sit at the table right in front of the judge where the lawyers sat. I was feet away from the judge! This experience tested my skills because although it was exciting to sit near where all the action happens, I had to stay focused and calm the entire time.

My experience this summer has shown me how positivity throughout your work is very helpful for your boss, coworkers, and yourself. Also, the longer and harder that you work, the more benefits you get. For example, as the days went on and I met new people, I formed relationships with the lawyers at the Law Department. Through those relationships, I learned much more about the justice system, specifically in Newark.

Along with all the lifelong lessons that I gained, my work place, Newark City Hall, is beautiful! I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work there the past summer and would definitely apply for NJ SEEDS Community Engagement Internships once again.