Hire SEEDS Grads

New Jersey SEEDS provides its graduates with access to workplace internships and learning opportunities from middle school through adulthood. SEEDS graduates are motivated, intelligent and hard-working individuals who can bring talent, dedication and wide-ranging experience to your organization.

Interested in partnering with SEEDS to provide workplace and learning experiences to our graduates? Here’s what you can do:

  • Offer summer internships for SEEDS graduates in college and high school. Many SEEDS interns have impressed their employers so much that they have obtained full-time employment post-graduation. (Learn more about past SEEDS internships.)
  • Provide workplace and learning experiences for our graduates in middle and high school. For example, consider hosting students in your workplace for a day and allow them to shadow employees. Invite students to a workshop, conference or networking opportunity to experience valuable skills training.
  • Consider full-time job opportunities for SEEDS graduates who have completed their collegiate degrees. SEEDS has more than 1,400 alumni who have finished their undergraduate collegiate degrees in fields from medicine to finance to the public sector.
  • Ask to be included in our annual “Internships and Opportunities” manual to allow SEEDS graduates to see the great experiences you are offering! (Request a copy of a past internship manual for a sample of our listings.)

Interested in learning more? Contact Sharon Zucker.