Alumni Resources

The SEEDS Guidance+Alumni Department provides ongoing resources available to all SEEDS alumni.


Free Virtual Mental Health Services through Kean Psychological Services


The Community Food Bank of New Jersey (CFBNJ) – Various positions available. View available positions.

Nissivoccia LLP – Various accounting positions available; 0-5 years of experience. View available positions.


‘Let’s Stay Home Together’ Series
Monthly presentations by alumni for alumni. Each session will feature an alum who will speak to a specific area of expertise and answer questions from alumni in attendance. Sessions cover a wide range of topics, including careers, interests, education, and more.

SEEDS Sessions
Monthly virtual gatherings of SEEDS alumni, hosted by a member of the SEEDS staff. Sessions may center on a specific topic, or be more free-flowing to serves as a networking opportunity.

‘I Might Want To…’ Series
Have an interest in a specific activity or profession? Hear from SEEDS alumni and get first-hand insight into what it’s like and what it takes to get there. Recent sessions include becoming a doctor, becoming a lawyer, investing money, and studying abroad.