New Jersey SEEDS’ Honorary Graduates

New Jersey SEEDS confers the title of Honorary Graduate on the below individuals in recognition of their extraordinary commitment to ensuring access to the finest education for New Jersey’s highest-achieving students from low-income backgrounds.

As Honorary Graduates, they are accorded all recognition, rights and privileges of all NJ SEEDS Alumni.

Class of 2017

Deborah & Randy Barker
Barbara & Edward Becker
Lisa & Joel Benenson
Allen Bildner
Barbara & David Bunting
Christine & Robert Cox
Elizabeth & Paul DeRosa
Jane Engel
William V. Engel, Esq.
Irene & Barry Fisher
Jennifer & Alan Fournier
Bobbie & Lew Frankfort
Hobby & David Jeffrey
Cynthia & Peter Kellogg
Beth & Vincent Lima
Blair & Gordon MacInnes
Sandra & Brian Maher
Peggy & Allen Meisels
Laurie & Andy Okun
Susan & Douglas Present
E. Burke Ross, Jr.
Patricia & Frank Russo
Sam & Mark Sandler
Andy Schwartz
Joanne & Arthur Weinbach
Amy Ziebarth