Questions to Ask and Questions NOT to Ask

As you set out on your college search, you will inevitably have the chance to ask a college representative any number of questions you may have about the school. While this is a great opportunity to learn more, it is also a great chance to show off the research you have already done. By asking the right questions, you will show the representative that his or her college isn’t just another application on your list, but one that you have spent considerable time getting to know.

Here are some quick questions to ask and questions not to ask.

Good Questions to Ask:

  • What sets a successful applicant at your school apart from the rest?
  • What are the defining characteristics of a student at your school?
  • How would you describe the feeling on campus?

Questions to Rethink:

  • Do you have financial aid?
    Yes, every school offers aid. It is the amount and type of aid that distinguishes one school from another.
  • Are there fraternities on campus?
    You can find the answer to that question online. The real question is how active they are and what type of activities they promote.
  • Do you need a certain SAT score to get in?
    Schools do not have a score cutoff for admission, but you will want to make sure that you are within a fair distance from the “Accepted Student Profile” that you can easily research.
  • Do you have a business major?
    Asking about a certain major tells a school that you haven’t taken the time to research. A general rule for what makes a great question to ask an admissions officer is something that you could not answer on your own within five minutes of browsing the school’s website.