5 Awesome Internships With Approaching Deadlines

How can you stand out among the competition when it comes to college applications? Summer internships or other opportunities!

Aside from your test scores, grades and courses, college admissions readers look at what sets you apart from the rest of applicants. By engaging in a learning activity or taking part in an academic or leadership summer experience, you can demonstrate growth and potential in many areas.

How amazing would it be to include the skills you acquired when you participated in a conference, internship, workshops, or pre-college programs on your resume? SEEDS’ Guidance department is here to help you in your search for life-changing opportunities!

Summer Internships and Opportunities:

Looking for additional options? Check your email! More incredible opportunities will be listed in the Spring Manual, available mid-February for SEEDS alumni. In the meantime, contact Johulin Zuluaga at jzuluaga@njseeds.org with any questions you may have. Good luck!