Classes Resume for SEEDS Class of 2020

Scholars and Young Scholars continued their 14 months with SEEDS by resuming Saturday classes on Saturday, January 11. Meanwhile, College Scholars in the Class of 2020 resume classes on February 1.

College Scholars will continue to prepare for the transition to college, and will take part in a senior retreat, where they will assemble vision boards depicting their first year on a college campus. Seniors will also continue the college application process and work closely with the SEEDS team on negotiating financial aid packages.

Scholars and Young Scholars completed the application process to selective middle and high schools across the country in late 2019. In all, more than 1,000 applications were sent out to schools in 20 states. Students will receive notifications in the coming months.

Young Scholars will begin a series of lunches and workshops in February. The first is an annual partnership with the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. Students will create pieces twice a month during Saturday classes at Newark Academy. To culminate their experience, Young Scholars will then travel to the Visual Arts Center. Young Scholars also participate in a series of lunch discussions with SEEDS graduates. Each lunch covers a different topic that will help students transition to their new schools.