Fall College Tour: Visits At Lafayette And Muhlenberg Colleges

In November, more than a dozen NJ SEEDS Scholar Alumni embarked upon a journey to explore two of the nation’s finest post-secondary small liberal arts institutions: Lafayette College and Muhlenberg College. Lafayette’s acceptance rate is 34 percent and Muhlenberg’s is 43 percent.

Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania provided SEEDS scholars with an information session, walking tour, lunch, and a diverse student panel, including our very own Jethro Israel (Scholars ’08, Church Farm School ’12, Lafayette College ‘16).

SEEDS grad Alexis Osei (Scholars ’08, Madeira School ’12,) joined the group for lunch to share experiences at Lafayette and answer student questions about the transition from high school to college. This allowed students visiting Lafayette to walk away with a deeper understanding of what college entails.

Lafayette is particularly interesting to SEEDS and its students because of the unique offerings of a small liberal arts college environment with Division I athletics, thereby allowing students to compete within the highest tier of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Lafayette is also known for having one of the largest endowments per student. With an endowment of $719.6 million and 2,478 students, the school has ample financial resources that it can leverage to benefit its population. Currently, 68% of students at Lafayette are receiving financial aid. The school also touted the fact that many of its students are able to participate in research opportunities and study abroad.

After visiting Lafayette, we traveled approximately 30 minutes to Allentown, Pennsylvania to explore Muhlenberg College. The college is also small, allowing students the opportunity to know most of their peers and develop strong relationships with their professors. Muhlenberg also places a strong emphasis on the arts, creating a perfect environment for students who want to polish their acting abilities or dancing skills as well as develop other artistic talents.

In comparison to Lafayette College, the school’s athletics teams are Division III, providing students with more flexibility in eligibility requirements for joining the school’s sports teams. Muhlenberg has an endowment of $149.5 million with 2,150 students, and Muhlenberg is known for supporting students who have financial need. In fact, 84% of their students are receiving financial aid. At Muhlenberg College, it is also very common for students to study abroad; over 50% of its students travel abroad during their time at Muhlenberg.

Both schools were warm and welcoming of the NJ SEEDS Scholar Alumni, and each has a commitment to furthering their relationship with SEEDS and providing students with financial aid packages that will allow them to attend their schools. Thanks to both schools for great visits!