Guidance Spring College Tour - Day 3 Overview

Over the past few weeks, you’ve looked back at Day 1 and Day 2 of the Guidance Spring College Tour. For the Day 3 overview, SEEDS’ Associate Dean of Guidance – Monet Kendall – provides a reflection of the campus visits.

Day 3: Union College, Skidmore College and Colgate University by Monet Kendall, Associate Dean of Guidance

College Tour Day 3 Photo 1

It was a busy today for us as we visited Union College, Skidmore College, and Colgate University. We had the opportunity to speak with SEEDS alum Brianna Gutierrez (Scholars ’09, Wardlaw-Hartridge ’13), who gave us a campus tour and spoke to us about her experience at Union College. Brianna talked about her summer experience at Union through the Academic Opportunity Program (AOP), which enables students to take summer classes prior to the starting their freshman year. We also learned that the school caters to students interested in liberal arts and engineering.

The admissions staff of Skidmore College welcomed us College Tour Day 3 Photo 2_1and provided a tour of their charming campus. They spoke to us about the countless off-campus study opportunities, which 60% of their student body takes advantage of throughout their undergraduate years. Skidmore also offers Academic Opportunity Programs, which provides educational opportunity and academic support to students who have strong academic potential, however would be excluded from higher education due to circumstances related of academic and economic difficulty.

Colgate University, Home of the Raiders, was our last stop of the day. After a great College Tour Day 3 Photo 3_1welcome from the admissions staff, we had an information session where we learned the importance of the number 13 at Colgate, as well as the efforts to increase diversity on campus. Next, we had the opportunity to explore the quaint, yet hilly campus of Colgate. On the tour, we learned that the institution is known for its’ academic excellence and interdisciplinary curriculum. With 53 majors and 13 additional minors, graduates from Colgate land awesome jobs with industry leaders and/or start their own businesses. After the tour, we were treated to Byrne Dairy chipwiches (ice cream sandwiches), and given Colgate shirts at the Admission Office.