Internships = Success

The SEEDS Guidance Department urges its scholars and lifelong learners to take advantage of the upcoming summer to secure an internship or participate in a rewarding summer opportunity, such as a study abroad program or a volunteer experience. Internships and summer opportunities are often the first step in a lifelong process of leadership and professional development and growth.

There are also many parallels between the process of searching for an internship and searching for the ideal college. Therefore, the more you do now, the better prepared you will be for the future.

Why are internships or summer opportunities so important?

  1. Internships provide a real world glimpse into a career you may be thinking of pursuing and allow you to determine whether or not a field aligns with your interests and goals. If you find that a particular field isn’t for you, the new, often invaluable skills that you’ve learned will be helpful for future opportunities.
  2. Internships provide a chance to network with professionals. Through this experience, you will be able to meet professionals in a field you are interested in and will also be able to establish connections with individuals who may be able to mentor you in the future. Internships also get your foot in the door of an organization that you may be interested in working for full time after you graduate from college.

The Guidance Department will be sending out the annual Spring Internships and Summer Opportunities Manual this week. The Manual is designed to prepare and support you in your internship and summer opportunities search.

When you have identified a program of interest, please inform Johulin Zuluaga, Guidance Officer. SEEDS has partnerships with most of the organizations and some of the programs listed may have a specific application process. Johulin may be contacted at [email protected] or 973.642.6422 ext. 243.

The Guidance Department encourages you to reach out to us if you require any assistance, and to let us know if you have secured an opportunity. We are looking forward to the opportunities that await you this summer!