Why Give to SEEDS?

SEEDS spends $17,000 educate each student. That investment in a SEEDS scholar often yields $450,000 in high school and college scholarships. SEEDS’ programs are entirely privately funded; please consider giving a gift to help us change lives through education.

To learn why your gift means so much to our students and their families, we invite you to learn more about the students your gifts support. See some of our successes below, or hear directly from our students about how SEEDS has impacted their lives.

Meet Our Students

Student Profile - Jennifer Alvarado

~Jennifer Alvarado

College Preparatory Program, Class of 2015, Drew University, Class of 2019

I want to grow up to be someone successful and independent, and a good education will help me reach these goals. SEEDS taught me to push myself as much as I could in terms of my classes and my grades. The most important thing SEEDS has done for me is to provide me with the opportunity almost no one else would have – to have the support and motivation to be the best that I can be – and tell me that I have the ability to become someone greater.

I wanted to apply to SEEDS because it’s an amazing opportunity to help low-income students get into top schools. I wanted to be one of those students and have a bright future. I hope that SEEDS will be a stepping stone in furthering my education, and I would encourage anyone who is smart, determined and looking for a better future to apply for one of SEEDS’ programs.

Student Profile - Gillian Allou

~Gillian Allou

Scholars Program, Class of 2015, Phillips Exeter Academy, Class of 2019

Student Profile - Joss Eyondi

~Joss Eyondi

Young Scholars, 2013, Fessenden School,
Class of 2016

I wanted to participate in the Young Scholars Program because I knew that I would never get another chance to have an opportunity like this. I live in Newark and I knew that SEEDS would get me to the places I needed to go and the schools I wanted to get into. In the Young Scholars Program, I really loved my history class. We learned about human history and ancient civilizations. In English, I improved my vocabulary so much in one year. I’m most excited about the new experiences I can expect at Fessenden. I’ve never been away from my family. I’m ready for it, I want to go. I’m sure it will be a challenge, but I will get to meet new people.

New Jersey SEEDS is honestly the one reason I am where I am. I currently have a full scholarship to Stanford University and I had a full scholarship to Delbarton. I think a lot about the fact that I received one of the best educations a kid could ask for without having to pay a dime and that’s all due to New Jersey SEEDS. They invested money in me, my schools have invested money in me, and that’s an opportunity that I can’t take for granted. I’m very grateful to have SEEDS in my life, because it really put me in a place to do great things.

Student Profile - Wade Morgan

~Wade Morgan

Young Scholars, 2005, Delbarton School, 2011, Stanford University, 2015