Community Engagement Summer Internship Overview: Anchor House

Earlier this month, SEEDS grad Bujana Mulosmani shared her experiences interning at Newark City Hall through the Community Engagement Internship Program. The following is an additional post from a SEEDS graduate who participated in a Community Engagement Internship this summer.

Darius Borges (Scholars ’12, White Mountain School ’16)

I applied for the NJ SEEDS Community Engagement Internship to ensure that I did something productive over the summer. At first, I considered applying for an opening at an amusement park. However, I knew that job would not be as fulfilling for me because I was hoping to gain a real work experience – one that would add value to me and my community.

I expected to work with a nonprofit organization in the city I live in: Trenton, NJ. I knew an internship through NJ SEEDS was a great opportunity that I could not take for granted. After a lot of hard work, I landed myself at the Anchor House, an agency providing shelter, school outreach, transitional and supporting housing, and street outreach to youth.

This transitional living home has taught me so much. I learned about true issues my community is facing. Before this summer, I was unaware that homelessness was a problem. I also learned how youth outreach programs operate and the confidentiality component that they are bound by.

The highlights of my experience would definitely be the relationships I built there. The staff members and social workers that I worked with may have been some of the most passionate and committed adults I have ever met. To me, that is the beauty of social work. Interning alongside them each day made my experience that much more enjoyable.

I have also acquired skills that I know will help me to excel in future career paths. Through the application and interviewing process with the Anchor House, I was introduced to the formalities of the working world. I learned that professionalism goes far beyond speech and appearance. My verbal and nonverbal communication skills have been enhanced through this opportunity. Most importantly, I now understand the intricacies of social work and the amount of persistence and dedication that is required. I am so grateful that I was able to partake in such an extraordinary experience. This Community Engagement internship has truly broadened my horizons.