Scholars & Young Scholars ’19 Wrap Up Classes

Scholars and Young Scholars wrapped up their time with SEEDS through the Capstone Experience (photos) and Step 3 (photos), respectively.

Scholars in the Class of 2019 returned to The Hill School (Pottstown, PA) for a second, three-week residency in July – the Capstone Experience. There, students selected one of four tracks as an area of focus: Culture and the Arts, Business and Finance, Law and Society, and STEM. Each area allows for a concentration in one particular area of study (for example, the Business and Finance track emphasizes math). The Capstone Experience concluded Scholars’ time with SEEDS as they prepared to enroll in selective high schools.

Young Scholars in the Class of 2019 also wrapped up their time with SEEDS during Step 3, their second, five-week session of daily classes at Far Brook School (Short Hills, NJ). In addition to daily academic classes in English, math and history, students took part in a field trip to visit the Gill St. Bernard’s farm and hosted their parents for the annual Parent Picnic (photos).

Students celebrated their graduation from SEEDS on Saturday, August 3.