SEEDS Welcomes Newest Young Scholars

SEEDS welcomed 26 Young Scholars to Far Brook School for a five-week summer session this July (photos). Accepted to SEEDS in the spring, the rising fifth- and sixth- graders took part in English and math classes with SEEDS. Students focused on test preparation, to help prepare for the upcoming SSAT and ISEE. In addition to their academic classes, students’ families visited for the Parent Picnic (view photos). Students also traveled to the Gill St. Bernard’s Farm for a field trip.

Young Scholars continued into the second Step of their 14 months with SEEDS on September 7. That day, students and their families attended the Independent School Fair for a chance to meet representatives from schools they will apply to this fall. Students will work closely with SEEDS to apply to selective day and junior boarding schools, which includes participating in mock interviews to prepare for admissions interviews, continuing test preparation and more.